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Zhejiang, China

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Model Number:

1:16, 16: 1, 12: 1, 10: 1

Rated Power:


Gearing Arrangement:


Output Torque:


Input Speed:


Output Speed:



Green,yello or according to your requirements



Center distance:







High-strength aluminium alloy


Construction hoist parts




Helical Cycloidal Planetary Worm Speed Gear Reducer With Motor

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
10000 Set/Sets per Month gear reducer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
We use wooden case to pack Small Mini Micro Beve Helical Cycloidal Planetary Worm Speed Gear Reducer With Electric Motor For Sale
Lead Time
about 7-15 days after receiving T/Tpayment

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Small Mini Micro Beve Helical Cycloidal Planetary Worm Speed Gear Reducer With Electric Motor For Sale

Product Overviews

Product Description

A.The features of Small Mini Micro Beve Helical Cycloidal Planetary Worm Speed Gear Reducer With Electric Motor For Sale

  1. The reducers have the following features because of using plane enveloping worm gear as compared with other kinds of worm transmissions: larger loading capactiy and compact dimension and higher efficiency and smoother and quieter functioning longer service life.
  2. In addition, the housings of these series reducers are made of high-strenghth aluminium alloy. So the reducers make the features of higher strength and lighter weight.
  3. It is recommended to utilize the viscosity VG320 synthetic worm gear oil (or synthetic gear oil) for lubrication. Once the environment temperature is higher than 30°C, it is recommended to utilize the viscosity VG460 synthetic worm gear oil(or synthetic gear oil) for lubrication. And allowed maximum working oil temperature is 100°C.
Number Weight Transmission Ratio

Center Distance


Output power


Ordering instruction
1 50Kg 1:16 125 11.6

Please specify

transmissionratio and type

when ordering

2 1:18 125 10.3
3 1:14 125 11.72


  1. The base-plate must be plane and stoutness and the base-plate must be screwed down and shock proof.
  2. The connecting shaft of prime mover, reducer and operation device must be coaxial installation.
  3. The diameter tolerance zone of input and output shaft is H6, the holes of fittings( such as couplings, belt-pully, sprocket wheel and so on) must properly mate the shaft, which prevents bearing from breakage because of over-loose mate.
  4. Drivers such as sprocker wheel and gear must be fitted close to bearings in order to reduce bending stress of hanging shaft.
  5. While assembling motor of WPD reducer, it is necessary that proper amount of butter applies to the warm shaft input hole and keyway, avoiding assembling too tightly and rusting after using for a long time.
  6. When ordering or using all kinds of WPD type, if the motor weight is bigger than the common,supporting set is required.

Speed ratio


Center Distance


Input Speed


Input Power


Rated output Torque




14 125 1500 11.2 1128 89
1000 9.919 1276 87.4
16 125 1500 11.06 1136 88
1000 9.651 1417 87.5
20 144 1500 13 1942 86.5
1000 11.52 2512 85.4
25 125 1500 13 2166 84
1000 11.4 2650 83


  1. Before using,please check carefully whether the reducer modle, distance, ratio, input connecting method , output shaft structure, input and output shaft direction and revolving direction accord with required.
  2. According to the requirement of selecting lubricant oil in the product manual. Please fill proper category and brand lubricant.And then screw on the vent-plug, unlock the small cone-plug of vent-plug.Only after doing these, reducer is already for startinh up running.The proper brand and adequate lubricant oil is required, replacing oil in time conforming to the request of product manual is also necessary, especially after using first 100hours, it is required refilling new oil.
  3. When abnormal circumstances occur, please stop and check reducer per solutions and reasons for faults of reducer(allowable highest oil temperature is 95, under this temperature limit, if oil temperature no more goes up, please let reducer continue running).

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Small Mini Micro Beve Helical Cycloidal Planetary Worm Speed Gear Reducer With Electric Motor For Sale