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Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:


Gearing Arrangement:


Output Torque:


Input Speed:


Output Speed:



Silver or Blue

Toothed Portion shape:

Involute spur gear

Mount Position::

Foot Mounted, Flange Mounted

Extra Service::


Material of Housing::

Aluminium Alloy



Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
10000 Box/Boxes per Day Low backlash worm reduce

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
Carton Inside, Wooden Case Outside. Around 3 pcs – 300 pcs for each Cubic according difference gearboxes.
Lead Time
Shipped in 0 days after payment

Online Customization

Product Description

Low backlash worm reducer and zero backlash servo gearbox

Low backlash Features :

1,Worm gear gyration backlash can be adjusted to less than 1 arc.
2,Reducer can be re-adjusted the gap after using.
3,Input with coupling : reliable without backlash.
4,Output using conical clamping ring couplings : reliable without backlash.
5,Torque up to 7300Nm.
6,With servo coupling input.
7,Shrink disc(optional) for easy intergration.
8,Dual lead worm drive.
9,The ideal solution to reduce costs in servomotor application instead of bevel planetary gearheads.

Available in 3 ranges of accuracy :

EXPERT : 1 arc minute of backlash
MEDIUM : 5 arc minutes of backlash
BASIC : 10 arc minutes of backlash

Backlash, a clearance between mating gear teeth, is built into speed reducers to let the gears mesh without binding and to provide space for a film of lubricating oil between the teeth. This prevents overheating and tooth damage.

Variables such as manufacturing errors, mounting tolerances, and bearing play often increase the amount of backlash in a speed reducer. Precision speed reducers minimize such imperfections by incorporating close-tolerance parts.

Low rotation Applications :

Precision rotary motion
1,Reducing the noise and vibration that is caused by the load change and the change of cutting force.
2,Reducing the noise and impact that is caused by the corotation and reverse.
3,By reducing worm abrasion.
4,Increasing worm output response speed.

Precision Indexing device
1,CNC machine, assembly line, cutting machine, transmission lines, etc.
2,Indexing device, accurate reading mechanism require accurate movement occasions.

Speed changing situations
1,Reducing the noise and the impact that is caused by speed change.
2,Reducing the worm abrasion that is caused by speed changes.

Compact Size and Light Weight
Application of modular system and scientific calculation minimizes the external size and weight of the main structure and standardized components are used for assembly. In particular, the upper and lower footrests are separated from the case so that they can be used only when necessary.

Convenient Mounting
Since the motor, reducer and driven machine are integrated in the hollow shaft type, gear coupling is not necessary for the input shaft or output shaft coupling. Worm speed reducer in hollow shaft can guarantee easy installation and related machine life through good alignment. The reorganized design enables universal installation. Flange, footrest for installation, torque arm, power lock, etc. can be installed in various ways.

High Efficiency and Precision
With over 30 years of accumulated technical theory and production experience, we are making precision gear reducer with pre-programmed maintenance for the latest equipments, comprehensive management for workers and thorough inspection of materials.

Low backlash worm reducer and zero backlash servo gearbox

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