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Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

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Gearing Arrangement:


Output Torque:


Input Speed:


Output Speed:


Applicable Industries:

Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Retail, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining




Left Hand

Pressure Angle:


Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
1 Set/Sets per Week

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
As customers required
Shanghai, China
Lead Time
Quantity(Units) 1 – 1 >1
Est. Time(days) 5 To be negotiated

Online Customization

Video Description

Gaston air motor use:

Piston type pneumatic gear motor is often used to stir viscosity slightly higher pneumatic mixer air motor, air motor, detonation pneumaticmotor.Pneumatic motor piston type manufacturing three-cylinder five-cylinder air motor, anti-acid and corrosion resistant environment using pneumatic motor!Piston air motors have the advantages of low air consumption, high torque, low noise, and no oiling!The air motor has the same performance and installation dimensions as the US and Japan. It can be replaced with excellent cost performance. The flange and output shaft can be customized according to customers.
Ask for a custom!

Industrial equipment

Semiconductors, wafers, computers, optical spinning, optical discs, stone chemistry, paints, arsenals, military, pneumatic cranes, cranes, losers
Delivery belt, automatic door, biochemical department, automatic mechanical use for 24 hours without heat.


Diamonds, gold, coal mines, various metals, stone cutters, shredders, stone grinding, grinding machines, excavators.

Concrete mixer, sawing refrigerator drive, stacker.

Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical factory
Motor drive, pipeline gas valve switch, cosmetics, mixer, high speed blender, pneumatic crane, oil tank sweeper.

Ship, can be used under water
Ship door switch, small boat winch, cargo lift, all kinds of winches.

Iron and aluminum casting industry
The machine around the mineral processing furnace drives, stirs the aluminum soup, and removes the slag.

General machinery
Rotating table, rotary hydraulic cylinder, steel pipe cutting, cutting thread, tapping machine, winding machine, gyrator, automobile machine, electric welding machine,
All kinds of trolleys are driven.

other industry
Drive all kinds of labor-saving automation machinery, weeding industry, insecticides, paper machinery, telecommunications, cable, coiling, spinning, dyeing and finishing,
Aerospace industry, glass machinery, fire resistance manufacturing, gas, automobile manufacturing, tire industry, footwear, aquaculture, agriculture and animal husbandry,
Synthetic industry, food industry, mining machinery, rock drilling, drilling, loading and other application equipment drive ~~~~~

Gaston air motor performance characteristics:

Use compressed air as a power source to impede the motor from fire.

Rotational number can match load torque
It will not burn out because of the overload. The change of the seal can be automatically decelerated or stopped. When the load is reduced, it can be automatically restored.Overload, stop running for a long time.

Wide range of return speed
The use of the throttle valve allows a wide range of revolutions to be adjusted, so that an air motor can easily perform high-speed, low-speed changes.

Start, stop, forward and reverse steering when turning
The radial shape design of the air motor can be started and stopped by the direction switching valve by the effect of the air pressure.Positive and negative steering

Self-cooling effect, can be used in high temperature
Insulation expansion by air pressure, self-cooling effect, can be used around -20 ~ 120 degrees environment.

Closed design
It can be used in hot environments, steam boilers or under water, dust, etc. in harsh environments. Air motor can prevent air leakage, ash and dust
The ang enters the bottom of the motor.

Can be used as an emergency power source
(Air pressure tank) If the air is compressed beforehand, it can be used as an emergency power source when the power is cut off.

Easy to move, automatic control
The air pressure control machine can be transmitted to all kinds of automatic machines, and can be controlled simply by pneumatic circuit.

Air motor can be used when electric motor, hydraulic motor, servo motor, stepper motor are not suitable